Thank you very much for your interest in writing for APM Music.

While APM is the licensing agent for our various libraries, we are rarely involved in actual music production of library albums. Because of this, we suggest that all composers send their inquiries and submissions directly to the individual libraries. Each of these companies controls its own production and makes all final composer choices.

Below is a list of some of the APM Music-distributed libraries and corresponding websites for you to research to determine which would best suit the type of music you specialize in composing:

Please also note--some of these music companies have multiple libraries; when contacting them to discuss music composition ideas, please let them know you would like to specifically create content to be distributed by APM Music.

We hope this information is of use to you and wish you the best in your endeavors.

Sincerely, APM Music

No limit as long as they are streaming submissions

Soundcloud link to material for us to listen to. We open and close to submissions throughout the year, so check the contact page for details

Adam Wakeman 


Click for instructions

Please include small biog and a link to three tracks.

Chapel of Rock

An online playlist is preferred rather than receiving files.We don’t respond to submissions that don’t interest us.

Epic Score



Submission Instructions

Where to submit

  1. You must own or control 100% of the rights to the publishing and master, and must have artist clearance from all performers.
  2. You will have the best chance with a library if you first research their website to determine if your submission will be an appropriate match for the genres they focus on.


DropBox links are preferred. No track limit. You must be a Canadian. It does not matter where you live.  

HARD/Graffitti Ally 


Invasion from Mars

Please send a Soundcloud (or similar) link to your work - please do not send audio files for initial evaluation. We only accept tracks on an exclusive basis


Limit sending to 10 titles, preferably titles not yet published. And if there are titles published, please specify it.

Kaptain Music

No attachments (streaming links only)

Must Save Jane

Submission limit-about 12 tracks, with 60. and 30. short versions and items, format Wav. and mp3. Quality of the production (selected by an in-house team)

Music Media

Please provide easy access to audition your best material - Soundcloud, MP3, etc

Perfect Time Music

Click for instructions

Pure Uncutz

Pop Machine

Click for instructions

Send download link via dropbox, wetransfer etc. Mp3 best format. Submitting composers should own copyright in both the published work and the recordings.

Pantheon Classics/

Rodeo/Royal Blood

No limitation on the number of tracks, we prefer submissions via Soundcloud or similar but not a requirement as such.


Telecine Sound

Mp3s are fine. No Soundcloud links please unless downloading is enabled. Between 1 to 10 tracks please.


Send through wetransfer or streaming link. No more than 2 tracks and we can contact you if we feel it fits.


No limit on tracks submitted as long as the quality is there.